What is GJ Open?
GJ Open is more than a game. It’s the best possible place to hone your forecasting skills. Whether you're a subject-matter expert or just an avid reader of the news, you'll learn something about yourself and the world around you.
Practice Makes Perfect
GJ Open has something for everyone: you can participate in forecasting "challenges" (tournaments within a tournament) on topics ranging from the future of US politics to international affairs, technology to sports and entertainment. Expertise is not required. In fact, as our challenge leaderboards demonstrate, thoughtful amateurs who practice the principles of Superforecasting can outperform so-called experts!
'The fox knows many things but the hedgehog knows one big thing.' (Archilochus)
The Right Environment
We’ve designed GJ Open specifically to help you improve your forecasting abilities:
Feedback: We'll crunch the numbers and tell you how accurate your forecasts were and how you compare to the crowd. Keeping score leads to meaningful improvement.
Competition: Pit yourself against tens of thousands of forecasters to find out where you stack up. Discover where you rank on each of our challenge leaderboards.
Interaction: The best forecasters don’t go it alone, but collaborate with their competition. Share your reasoning with other forecasters to challenge your arguments and learn when you might be wrong.
For media & marketers
Join The Economist, The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, and the Arab Strategy Forum in asking the GJ Open crowd the questions that matter to you. Sponsor a question or an entire challenge to spark discussion and survey the crowd’s opinion of the future.