"A company that is right three times out of five on its judgment calls is going to have an ever-increasing edge on a competitor that gets them right only two times out of five.”
(Superforecasting: How to Upgrade your Company's Judgment, HBR)
Superforecaster® Analytics
Making better forecasts starts with asking better questions, and our team can help your organization translate complex real-world uncertainty into a set of discrete measurable outcomes.
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Good Judgment Indexes
Good Judgment Indexes tap into Superforecasters’ insight by aggregating forecasts on specific topics into meaningful indicators of broader trends.
The Future of Europe Index is now available to the public. It provides early-warning indicators of stresses on European unity.
Inquire about custom indexes for an objective viewpoint on the specific factors driving change in your industry.
How will you use this improved accuracy to drive better outcomes?
The START Network will “make humanitarian aid more effective,” one forecast at a time.
“Combined with developments in crisis forecasting on which Good Judgment Inc is advising us, [our anticipation project] builds on our ambition to make humanitarian aid more effective. It will be a powerful incentive for aid agencies to take earlier action to spare avoidable suffering, and help our members learn how to build the systems that will enable them to do so.” START Network
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