Systematically improve your organization's forecasting to catalyze better decision-making. Tap into the expertise of our experienced Superforecasters or harness the foresight of your own team.
Our Process
Good Judgment's evidence-based techniques to improve forecasting accuracy combine the power of competition and collaboration.
Our Services
Making better forecasts starts with asking better questions, and our question team can help your organization translate complex real-world uncertainty into a set of discrete measurable outcomes.
Once you have the right questions, get the best possible answers from certified Superforecasters, your own internal crowd, or both.
Superforecaster® Analytics
Subscribe to our Analytics service to access Superforecaster insights on critical questions from election outcomes to regulatory shifts to OPEC quota cuts. Or pose your own questions to our Superforecasters to receive exclusive forecasts.
Superforecasting Solutions
Our hands-on forecasting workshops, co-taught by veteran Superforecasters, will help your team uncover cognitive biases and introduce scientifically validated principles for Superforecasting. Build on this foundation with consistent, repeated practice and feedback on a private forecasting platform to identify the superforecasters within your organization and to improve everyone’s forecasting skills.
How can we help?
Schedule a consultation to learn more about how your organization can leverage Good Judgment's techniques to make better decisions.