Good Judgment Inc Joins Forces with The Economist to Present “The World in 2017 Forecasting Challenge”

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Good Judgment Inc is pleased to announce the launch of a forecasting challenge on its crowdsourced forecasting platform, Good Judgment Open, tied to The Economist’s World in 2017.

The World in 2017, an annual collection of predictions, is a special edition of The Economist which identifies and explores the issues that will shape the year ahead. Prominent figures from politics, business, science and the arts join journalists from The Economist and other leading publications in offering forecasts for 2017.

The “World in 2017 Forecasting Challenge” on Good Judgment Open is a special opportunity to join insightful conversation and register your forecasts for the year ahead. Questions will range from U.S. domestic politics to global financial events.

Given the tremendous political earthquake that occurred on election night in the United States, there is much on the horizon that is unknown. Forecasting in the “World in 2017 Forecasting Challenge” is a unique way to deeply engage with the news and share commentary with fellow forecasters to predict what is to come. It is also a tool to become a better forecaster and sharpen your predictive capacities.

Join us! The Economist’s “World in 2017 Forecasting Challenge” is now open for your participation at

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