“In the News” Challenge Launches on Good Judgment Open

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Good Judgment Inc is pleased to announce “In the News,” its new Forecasting Challenge on its crowdsourced forecasting platform, Good Judgment Open.

The Challenge features questions plucked from the headlines, with topics ranging from politics, business, technology, sports, entertainment, and anything else trending in the media.

One of the first timely forecasting opportunities in the “In the News” Challenge was whether Facebook would add warning labels to new stories before July 2017, given the widespread concern over the fake news that is sweeping over media channels. Only a few days after being asked, Facebook outlined plans to begin testing warning labels for news stories.

Another question posed to forecasters on GJ Open is whether the Dakota Access Pipeline will begin transporting oil before January 2018. Activists against the Dakota Access Pipeline made the news recently when the Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would look for an alternative route for the pipeline, but that story is far over as the companies behind the Pipeline look for ways to continue their work.

You can start forecasting right away on our “In the News” Challenge on Good Judgment Open at https://www.gjopen.com/challenges/11-in-the-news

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