NYC Superforecasting Workshops in May 2017

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Good Judgment Inc workshops are meant for “Monday morning deployment” – the lessons you will learn in the workshop are ready-to-deliver back to your team by the next Monday morning.

Putting scientifically-validated forecasting techniques into practice is the goal of the Good Judgment Inc workshops, which are now open for registration in New York City in late May.

“We often see junior to senior management who are ready to implement forecasting in their work signing up for the workshops,” said Michael Story, Senior Consultant at Good Judgment Inc and Superforecaster. “We seek to make the exercises completely relevant to the attendees’ industries.”

The workshops train people to make numerical forecasts, through a variety of Superforecasting methods. For example, the Superforecasters who lead the workshops often teach the Delphi method of group forecasting. This helps participants navigate team dynamics in making accurate probability estimates and is also useful for other decision making situations.

Another advantage of attending the workshops is face time with Superforecasters. Attendees can ask clarifying questions, and get practical advice from the Superforecasters.

By the end of workshop, attendees will have learned to:

  • Identify and avoid disruptive cognitive biases affecting individuals and groups
  • Drill down broad risks into specific forecasting targets
  • Employ optimal strategies for setting base rates and evaluating sources
  • Use structured information-sharing techniques shown to increase accuracy
  • Make numerical probabilistic forecasts with confidence, both individually and in teams

Join Good Judgment Inc Superforecasters in New York City for a small-group workshop. Registration is now open here: Early bird registration prices are available now.

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