Who are the Superforecasters?

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The Superforecasters, identified through the Good Judgment Project research, are the backbone of Good Judgment’s forecasting services. In particular, it is through their forecasting prowess on Superforecasting teams that we can offer accurate, well calibrated forecasts to our Analytics clients.

We have kept score on every forecast made by Superforecasters since 2011. They have a proven track record of excellent accuracy and calibration.

But who are the Superforecasters? Where are they from, and what do they do when they are not forecasting?

Good Judgment’s Certified Superforecasters have years of collective experience in assigning well-calibrated, accurate probability forecasts to complex geopolitical, economic, public health, and technology outcomes.

Our Superforecasters span the globe. They live and work on six continents and many are fluent in several languages.

span the globe

While it is true that no one specific background is needed to be an excellent forecaster, our Superforecasters are highly educated.


They bring a rich variety of professional skills that you would expect from forecasters, including finance, political science, and intelligence analysis; science, engineering, and technology.  Plus many from other backgrounds including law, pharmacology, graphic design, architecture, city planning, and much more.

It is the collective wisdom of this Superforecaster crowd, aggregated using Good Judgment’s evidence based techniques that underpins our accurate forecasting capability.

Clients can tap into this wisdom by subscribing to forecasts on particular subject areas or collaborating with Good Judgment on more complex strategic projects.

Please contact us to arrange a conversation about how the Superforecasters could help reduce your strategic uncertainty.

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