Elite Forecasters Challenge Now Launched

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The Arab Strategy Forum and Good Judgment Inc are pleased to welcome the inaugural cohort of approximately 1,000 forecasters to the Elite Forecasters Challenge, an exclusive economic and political forecasting tournament focused primarily on the Arab world.
The tournament will run from May to November 2017. Participants will predict political and economic events in the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world. Top forecasters will become part of an exclusive cadre of independently-verified elite forecasters.
Tournament registration closed on May 1, 2017. Eligibility criteria required prospective forecasters to be over 18, university-educated, and to have family ties to the Arab world. From over 3,000 applicants, organizers selected approximately one third to participate in the tournament.
Geolocationally diverse, the accepted forecasters claim ties to almost all of the 22 countries of the Arab League. With over 400 forecasters, Egypt is the most represented, followed by Algeria, Jordan, and Morocco. Additional represented countries include Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Oman, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, Qatar, Mauritania, and Libya.
Representing a wide cross-section of Arab life, the forecasters are multi-generational, ranging in age from approximately 20 to 85. These women and men practice a diverse set of occupations, including roles in government, business, non-governmental organizations, and academia.
The accepted forecasters also exhibit impressive educational backgrounds. While the tournament required that all forecasters be educated at the bachelor’s degree level, over 40% of accepted forecasters hold a master’s degree or higher, and almost 15% hold doctoral or doctoral-level professional degrees.
The tournament begins on May 3, 2017. Over the course of the tournament, forecasters should expect to answer at least 50 questions falling into four general categories: Arab world politics, Arab world economics, global politics, and global economics.
While registration for the Elite Forecasters Challenge is now closed, non-participants who are 18 years or older are invited to register for Good Judgment Open, a public platform for global political and economic forecasting. For the remainder of 2017, Good Judgment Open will continue to feature questions for the Arab Strategy Forum’s State of the World 2017 Challenge.

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