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We Keep Score!

How accurately did Superforecasters anticipate the outcomes of the forecasting questions posed on Good Judgment's public dashboard? Each time a question resolves – no matter how it resolves – we'll post the results here for all to see.

As of October 27th, nine of the questions on our Public Dashboard have resolved. The average Brier score for our aggregate Superforecasts over the nine questions is 0.21799 on a 0 to 2 scale, where 0 represents perfect prescience.

Below, we present the full forecasting history for those questions, along with the Superforecasters’ Brier scores and (where available) comparative data about what other analysts and pundits were saying while these questions were still open.

Check out our public dashboard to see what the Superforecasters have to say about ongoing forecasting questions about the prospects for widely available vaccines, the US November elections, COVID case and mortality metrics, and both US and global economic and financial indicators.


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