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You’re invited to participate in Good Question, a unique joint venture between Man Group and Good Judgment Inc, the commercial spinoff of Professor Philip Tetlock’s Good Judgment Project and the official home of Superforecasting®.

Superforecasting is about harnessing the wisdom of wise crowds, using probabilistic forecasts to ascertain the likely outcome of future events. It has an impressive track record of correctly predicting everything from election results to market moves. At Man Group we have incorporated key aspects of Superforecasting into our investment practice. We now look forward to sharing it with our clients. We believe that Good Question ought to be a source of insight, inspiration, and debate and should provide our clients with new ways of thinking about making decisions in an increasingly complex world.

To participate in the Good Question Challenge, and to receive exclusive curated content, please select the appropriate link below. You will be redirected to the Challenge page, where you will find the questions selected by Man Group’s Good Question Team.

How the Good Question Challenge Works

Each month, Man Group’s Good Question Team, comprising experts from across the firm, will ask a question that they believe ought to be at the forefront of our clients’ minds. Then our clients will have the opportunity to pit their wits against Good Judgment’s crowd, including Superforecasters, as well as Man Group’s global investment professionals. In exchange for participating, clients will not only see the results of the forecasts, but also will be given exclusive content curated by Man Group’s Investment Strategy Advisor, Duke University Professor Campbell Harvey, and written by some of Man Group’s top minds.


Man Group’s Good Question Team




Campbell Harvey, a leading financial economist, has been an Investment Strategy Advisor to Man Group since 2005 and has contributed to both research and product design. He is a Professor of Finance at Duke University and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He served as Editor of The Journal of Finance from 2006 to 2012 and as the 2016 President of the American Finance Association.


Steven Desmyter is Global Co-Head of Sales & Marketing at Man Group, a member of the Man Group Executive Committee and Chair of the Man Group Charitable Trust. He is also Man Group’s Co-Head of Responsible Investment and Co-Chair of the Responsible Investment Committee. Steven serves on the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment Hedge Fund Advisory Committee, SASB (Sustainable Accounting Standards Board) Investor Advisory Group and the SBAI (Standards Board for Alternative Investments) Investor Advisory Group. Steven is a Contributor to Forbes Magazine and writes regularly for a number of leading global publications.

Giulia Lai is a quantitative researcher at Man Group. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MEng in Information Engineering, and joined Man Group in 2017.



Edward Cole is Managing Director of Discretionary Investments at Man GLG. He is responsible for the development of investable strategies, and provides market strategy insight for the portfolio managers and the firm’s clients. He has worked in investment management since 2007, managing long-only, long/short and multi-strategy emerging market funds.





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