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Which subscription best meets your needs?

Subscribe to a pre-defined cluster of questions to get Superforecaster perspectives on multiple facets of a hot topic. Or create your own future-news dashboard by selecting from our á la carte menu of individual forecasting questions.

Either way, you'll get up-to-the-minute analysis of emerging trends from over 150 professional Superforecasters. They monitor thousands of data sources in multiple languages to separate the signal from the noise, saving you time and money.

You'll have online dashboard access to current probability forecasts - updated daily - and the historical forecast trend. Plus, you'll benefit from insightful commentary, drawn from the rationales Superforecasters post on our internal forecasting platform.

Even the best forecasts can only tell you what is knowable today. Superforecasters recognize that the environment can and will shift. So, where possible, they call out developments that would change their forecasts. We highlight these game-changers in summary reports that will position you to pivot your strategy in response to breaking news.

Topical subscriptions

Don’t settle for punditry. Our Superforecasters make specific, falsifiable forecasts on the most pressing geopolitical and economic risks that challenge organizations worldwide.

Our topical subscriptions are the most economical way to get Superforecaster insights on the questions that make you lose sleep. Subscription packages typically provide access to 10 or more individual forecasting questions, each of which sheds light on a different aspect of the central theme.

Á la carte subscriptions

Seeking Superforecaster insights on questions not covered in our topical subscriptions?

Create your own custom-tailored package from our menu of forecasting questions available on a subscription basis. You’ll find forecasts on a wide array of popular topics, such as upcoming elections, economic indicators, and trade wars.

We regularly add new questions, so contact a Good Judgment representative to find out what questions are currently available for subscription.


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