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Anticipating and managing geopolitical risk can make the difference between success and failure.
Get early warning of emerging risks with Good Judgment's Global Risks reports.

What global risks keep you awake at night?

Sleep more soundly knowing that Good Judgment's global network of Superforecasters is working 'round the clock to help you anticipate the geopolitical and economic trends that will have the biggest impact on your organization.

Here are just a few examples of the topics currently covered in our Global Risks dashboard.

  • 2020 US elections

    The outcomes of this election cycle will have far-reaching consequences. Subscribers to Good Judgment’s Global Risks dashboard receive daily updates of the Superforecasters’ projections about the general-election results for President and control of Congress plus summaries of the key factors driving those forecasts.

  • COVID-19 outbreak

    The novel coronavirus caught the world by surprise in January. Now, it’s nearly impossible to turn on the television without being inundated by COVID-19 reporting. How can you sort the fake news from the news you need to know? Our global team of Superforecasters distills the news flow from thousands of sources into daily forecast updates and succinct summaries of the data and events that really matter. It’s the early warning you need to take timely action to mitigate this previously unexpected risk.

  • EU-UK trade agreement

    The parties may have agreed to divorce, but the final terms of their post-breakup relationship are still very much uncertain. How worried should you be that talks will break down before the December deadline for a trade deal between the UK and EU? Good Judgment’s professional Superforecasters are monitoring the negotiations closely to separate political posturing from serious obstacles to agreement. Their probability forecasts give you early insights to guide your business planning.


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