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FutureFirst: See the Future Before Your Competition

Early insight. Concise analysis. Informed action.

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FutureFirst™, Good Judgment’s exclusive monitoring tool, gives you 24/7 access to forecasts to help you quantify risk, improve judgment, and make decisions.

Our global network of professional Superforecasters separates the signal from the noise, saving you time and money.

Forecasts are updated daily and displayed alongside historical forecast trends and regular reports with Superforecaster commentary. Extend your research team with our Superforecasters, the best in the business at generating accurate, early information on the topics you care most about.

See the future coming with professional crowd-sourced insights and quantified forecasts. 

Our clients use FutureFirst to:
Enhance risk management with near real-time monitoring of uncertain events
Identify and capitalize on opportunities earlier and with greater confidence
Track topics that matter most to them on a tailored watchlist
Pose their own topical questions to the Superforecasters for customized insights

To see a sample of the FutureFirst probability forecasts, visit the Public Dashboard.

“The Market Has Caught Up with the Superforecasters”

An independent analysis by the MAN Institute revealed that investors who follow our COVID-19 vaccine availability forecasts could have anticipated a 5% downturn in the market for a basket of COVID-sensitive stocks with more than two weeks’ advance warning. Their conclusion: “If there is one thing better than the wisdom of the crowds, it is the wisdom of well-informed crowds.” The Superforecasters are that crowd.

See the Future First

An analysis of Good Judgment Project forecasts by UC-Irvine decision scientist Mark Steyvers found that Superforecasters anticipated events 400 days in advance as accurately as regular forecasters could see those events 150 days ahead.

See the future first through the eyes of Good Judgment’s professional Superforecasters.

Unrivaled accuracy on the future
Precise probability values with context
Cutting-edge crowd-sourcing tools
Early indicators to take action sooner


Stop guessing. Start Superforecasting.

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