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Good news on the vaccine front continues, with the AstraZeneca vaccine also reporting positive results regarding its clinical trials. The “Oxford vaccine” is also reportedly less expensive and easier to transport than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Promising clinical trial results are a key milestone on the path to widespread distribution of a vaccine. Regulatory reviews are another, and Pfizer filed its Emergency Use Authorization application with the US Food & Drug Administration last week, moving that vaccine closer to actual distribution. But we’re not out of the woods yet. This week, we update our deep dive into the Superforecasters’ latest views on the timing of widespread vaccine availability with an update on a special forecast that Good Judgment made for The Economist’s World in 2021 edition.

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When will an FDA-approved vaccine be widely distributed in the US?

What a difference a month makes!

The picture a month later is much clearer. And the outlook for having sufficient vaccine doses distributed to inoculate 200 million people in the US before the end of 2021 is far brighter. Here are the updated forecasts as of November 23rd:


It’s tempting to leap from the recent promising clinical trial results to confidence about the widespread availability of safe, effective COVID vaccines. But Katherine O’Brien, director of the World Health Organization’s immunization department, reportedly likened discovering a vaccine to building a base camp on Mount Everest, warning that “the climb to the peak is really about delivering the vaccines.”

Multiple uncertainties remain. So the Superforecasters will continue their in-depth examination of all public information, from press releases to journal preprints, to give you a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute overview of when to expect a COVID vaccine to be widely available.

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As of November 18th, ten of the questions on our Public Dashboard have resolved. The average Brier score for our aggregate Superforecasts over the ten questions is 0.30 on a 0 to 2 scale, where 0 represents perfect prescience.

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