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Good Judgment's public dashboard shares the Superforecasters' perspectives on the questions that are top of mind for business leaders and policymakers.

Current featured Superforecasts on our public dashboard:

T minus one week and counting …

All eyes are on next week’s US elections. Record-breaking numbers of Americans have already cast ballots, yet there is still plenty of time – and plenty of votes remaining to be cast – for the outcome to swing in favor of either of the major parties. You may want to check back daily to see how the Superforecasts on the Presidential race and control of Congress are evolving.

We update our probability forecasts at 7am EDT daily, refresh commentary weekly, and launch new questions often.

More US election and politics forecasts

Vaccine update

Following the FDA’s full approval of Remdesivir as a COVID treatment, we have closed and scored the treatment question from our public Superforecasts. We continue our vaccine forecasting.

Reminder: The framing of our featured COVID vaccine forecasting question changed recently; however, we’re continuing to report forecasts on the prior question as well so that you can see how the probabilities have evolved over time.

View today’s forecasts on the original vaccine question here >>

#We Keep Score

How accurate are the Superforecasters? Review the scores for all closed questions on our public scoreboard.

As of October 27th, nine of the questions on our Public Dashboard have resolved. The average Brier score for our aggregate Superforecasts over the nine questions is 0.2179 on a 0 to 2 scale, where 0 represents perfect prescience.

Additional Public Superforecasts

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