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What do the Superforecasters expect?

Good Judgment's public dashboard shares the Superforecasters' perspectives on the questions that are top of mind for business leaders and policymakers.

Current featured Superforecasts on our public dashboards:

More than two million deaths from COVID-19. See what Superforecasters think is next for the world and the worst-hit country, the United States.

Will the Tokyo Olympics go ahead in July 2021? This week we’re focusing on these questions and more on COVID-19 vaccinations, economic indicators, and global affairs.

On our public dashboards, we update our probability forecasts at 7am EST daily and include regular reports summarizing the trends.

Forecasting Death

Outlook for Tokyo Olympics

More Forecasts from The World in 2021

#We Keep Score

How accurate are the Superforecasters? Review the scores for all closed questions on our public scoreboard. As of November 18th, ten of the questions on our Public Dashboard have resolved. The average Brier score for our aggregate Superforecasts over the ten questions is 0.30 on a 0 to 2 scale, where 0 represents perfect prescience.

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