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What do the Superforecasters expect?

Good Judgment's public dashboard shares the Superforecasters' perspectives on the questions that are top of mind for business leaders and policymakers.

Current featured Superforecasts on our public dashboards:

Will electric vehicle sales increase this year? What will be the US federal minimum wage? We highlight these Superforecasts on our Public Dashboard and continue our outstanding forecasting on COVID-19-related questions.

Our public dashboards feature a small sample of our probability forecasts. Some questions are rotated onto the public dashboard temporarily from FutureFirst. For unlimited subscription access to FutureFirst, please contact our sales department. Media and government organizations can request partial access here. Probability values are updated daily at 7am EST.

Superforecasting Business and Politics

COVID Recovery

#We Keep Score

How accurate are the Superforecasters? Review the scores for closed questions on our public scoreboard.


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