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What do the Superforecasters expect?

Good Judgment's public dashboard shares a sample of the Superforecasters' perspectives on the questions that are top of mind for business leaders and policymakers.

Current featured Superforecasts on our public dashboard:

In their annual publication previewing the year ahead, “The World Ahead 2022,” The Economist featured a full page of Good Judgment’s Superforecasts. FutureFirst subscribers have unlimited access to all those forecasts, with updated probability values and commentary. We also offer a glimpse into some of the questions posed to professional Superforecasters on our public dashboard. Will 2022 see a surge in US air travel? When will supply chain bottlenecks in US West Coast ports get resolved? These and other forecasts, including on the global spread of Covid-19 this winter, are available below for a limited period.

Our public dashboards feature a small sample of our probability forecasts. Some questions are rotated onto the public dashboard temporarily from FutureFirst™. For unlimited subscription access to FutureFirst, please contact our sales department. Media and government organizations can request partial access here. Probability values are updated daily at 7am EST.

2022: Back to Normal?

Covid-19 This Winter


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