Explore forecasting in-depth
The Good Judgment Project won the IARPA ACE forecasting tournament, decisively beating the competition and besting intelligence community benchmarks produced by analysts with access to classified information by 30%.
Analyzing millions of forecasts made over four years we discovered four key factors to improve future predictions, each of which forms one module of our workshops. Each registration is $1000, which includes:
  • The workshop itself
  • Lunch and snacks on the day
  • The opportunity to sit the Forecasting Aptitude Inventory
  • Access to meetups and events hosted by Good Judgment
  • A Good Judgment workshop is also an opportunity to network and collaborate with others interested in taking their individual and organizational forecasting skills to the next level.
    Schedule a custom workshop for your organization
    We will work with you to develop your team’s forecasting capability with a tailored workshop focused on generating, discussing, responding to and then aggregating forecasts related to your specific industry.
    To schedule a Superforecasting workshop for your organization, contact us and we will get back to you and answer your questions.

    "We received nothing but excitement and appreciation for the event. The analysts loved the chance to sit down for a morning and debate problems, scenarios and analytical techniques. Your team was professional, prepared, engaging and great to work with! Everything flowed really nicely."
    Rachel Bode, CEO
    Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals
    Previous workshop clients include:
    background background background background Foreign Service Institute,
    US Department of State
    In addition to:
    World Economic Forum
    UK Home Office

    Contact us for government rates or to indicate your interest in workshops in other cities. Private workshops for your team are also available upon request.