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FutureFirst™, Good Judgment’s exclusive monitoring tool, gives 24/7 access to timely insights and commentary on top-of-mind questions from a diverse global team of professional Superforecasters.

FutureFirst combines the advantages of an expert network with model-friendly quantitative forecasts of likely outcomes of uncertain events.

Daily forecast updates from our subscription service allow clients to spot emerging risks earlier, while Superforecaster® commentary and research enable them to red-team their own analyses and to understand the “why” behind the results in a way that is impossible with machine-generated forecasts.


Capitalize on opportunities earlier and with greater confidence with FutureFirst


A subscription to FutureFirst provides:

    • Daily forecast updates on the most likely outcomes for dozens of the major geopolitical, economic, technological, and public health risks that impact the future
    • Regular addition of new forecast questions on the topics most requested by our subscribers
    • Email alerts when aggregated forecasts change meaningfully
    • Implied medians as part of a continuous distribution, delivering a number as well as probabilities for specific questions
    • API downloads of current and historical forecasts
    • Summary reports explaining the reasoning behind the forecasts
    • Newsletter that highlights recent forecasts and analysis on the hottest topics


Questions are grouped by theme or topical focus, and current channels include Geopolitics, Economics, China, Ukraine, and the Federal Reserve. Subscribers can also track topics that matter most to them on a tailored watchlist.

Superforecasting® US Elections

Superforecasting US Elections features the most accurate forecasts about key races, their outcomes, and their impact on policy. This topical dashboard is a subset of FutureFirst™ and is available for a limited time.

Superforecasting® Ukraine

Superforecasting® Ukraine is a dashboard of key questions about the future of the conflict in Ukraine and its implications. This topical dashboard is a subset of the FutureFirst™ dashboard and is available for a limited time.

Peter Coy in the New York Times: “A Better Forecast of Interest Rates”

NYT’s Peter Coy writes, “Fed watchers on Wall Street have had a bad past few months. […] Good Judgment Inc., a private forecasting outfit, calculates that its […] superforecasters […] were more accurate in two respects: closer to the mark and with less variability. That’s captured in their Brier score, in which zero is perfect accuracy. The superforecasters’ Brier score over the past four Fed meetings was 0.05, while that of forecasters included in the widely consulted CME FedWatch Tool was 0.14.”

Man Institute: “The Market Has Caught Up with the Superforecasters”

An independent analysis by the MAN Institute revealed that investors who follow our COVID-19 vaccine availability forecasts could have anticipated a 5% downturn in the market for a basket of COVID-sensitive stocks with more than two weeks’ advance warning. Their conclusion: “If there is one thing better than the wisdom of the crowds, it is the wisdom of well-informed crowds.” The Superforecasters are that crowd.

See the Future First

An analysis of Good Judgment Project forecasts by UC-Irvine decision scientist Mark Steyvers found that Superforecasters anticipated events 400 days in advance as accurately as regular forecasters could see those events 150 days ahead.

See the future first through the eyes of Good Judgment’s professional Superforecasters.

Unrivaled accuracy on the future
Precise probability values with context
Cutting-edge crowd-sourcing tools
Early indicators to take action sooner

Subscribe to FutureFirst for precise, crowd-sourced probability forecasts
generated by Good Judgment Superforecasters.


Stop guessing. Start Superforecasting.

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