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Join the internet’s smartest crowd

Join the Internet’s Smartest Crowd
Look ahead with GJ Open. Discover talent, train your team, harness the wisdom of crowds.

Unleash Potential with GJ Open

The largest public forecasting platform of its kind—GJ Open—is the ideal place to harness the wisdom of crowds. We continue to lead the field with our innovative approach that combines collective insight with cutting-edge analytics. Whether for discovering talent, training your team, or spotting trends, GJ Open is your gateway to informed decision-making and strategic success.

Tailored Tournaments: Public or Private, Your Choice

  • Cultivate Talent and Teamwork: Unlock your in-house potential. Discover and nurture forecasting talent within your team through private or public forecasting challenges on GJ Open. Enhance teamwork and foster a competitive yet collaborative environment with our teaming and score-keeping tools.
  • Improve Recruitment Decisions: Let performance guide your recruitment decisions. Use GJ Open to evaluate and train interns, providing them with a hands-on analytical experience. Make informed hiring decisions by identifying candidates who excel in probabilistic thinking and trend analysis.
  • Identify Trends and Engage Stakeholders: Stay ahead of the game by spotting emerging trends. Harness the wisdom of crowds. Involve your stakeholders in forecasting activities that deepen their connection with your brand and your vision.

Enhanced Insights with Custom Feedback Reports

Our team of data scientists doesn’t just aggregate data; they transform it into meaningful insights. We offer personalized feedback reports for individuals and groups, providing a deeper understanding of forecasting performance and areas for improvement.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our reputation speaks for itself. Leading media companies, top-tier investment funds, and prestigious universities have leveraged GJ Open to sharpen their foresight and strategy.

Challenge of the Month:
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How to Become a Superforecaster®

Do you think you have what it takes to be a professional Superforecaster®? Best forecasters on GJ Open compete for a chance to join the ranks of Good Judgment’s professional Superforecasters. Read about the selection process here.


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