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Start thinking like a Superforecaster

Improve collaboration, increase your team’s accuracy, and implement your own structured process for forecasting.

Good Judgment's workshops will help you achieve these goals.

Virtual Superforecasting® training on your terms

Our Superforecasting workshops incorporate Good Judgment research findings and practical Superforecaster know-how.

Your team will learn how to write rigorous and relevant forecasting questions, surface and mitigate hidden cognitive biases, weight new evidence, and combine individual forecasts to yield the most accurate wisdom-of-the-crowd predictions.

Virtual workshops tailored to your team

Good Judgment training professionals and elite Superforecasters will customize a virtual workshop structure to meet the schedule and training needs of your strategists and analysts.

Workshops are typically designed for groups of up to 25 participants, but can accommodate much larger groups as well.

  • Lectures with Q&A

    A concentrated crash course in Superforecasting essentials

    Our one-to-two-hour lectures cover fundamental techniques for forecasting, debiasing individual forecasts, and combining individual forecasts into aggregate predictions.

    • Pre-workshop preparation
    • Forecasting aptitude test
    • Debiasing training
  • "Half-Day" Workshops

    Strengthen Superforecasting fundamentals and put them into practice

    Good Judgment will work with you to optimize a schedule that covers the material normally included in our half-day on-site workshops. The scope includes an introductory lecture on fundamental techniques for forecasting, as well as a breakout session that provides concrete practice and rapid feedback on the skills taught in the lecture.

    • Pre-workshop preparation
    • Forecasting aptitude test
    • Calibration test
    • Debiasing training
    • Breakout practice session
  • "Full-Day" Workshops

    Essential Superforecasting training, applied to your team’s real-world requirements

    Good Judgment will work with you to customize a schedule spread over multiple days that includes all of the material usually covered in our full-day onsite workshops. These virtual workshops incorporate significantly more material on teaming, with additional breakout time focused on the forecasting issues most relevant to workshop participants, as well as a session on translating problems into specific forecasting questions.

    • Pre-workshop preparation
    • Forecasting aptitude test
    • Calibration test
    • Debiasing training
    • Multiple breakout practice sessions
    • Team-based problem solving exercises
    • Question generation training

Which workshop is the right fit for your team?

Get detailed specifics about workshop structures, components, and timing here.

Looking for public workshops?

Looking for an in-depth introduction to Superforecasting? Attend one of our public workshops. Discover how changing your perspective can improve your forecasting accuracy, and practice your new skills in small groups led by professional Superforecasters.


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