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What if change is the new normal?

Life after COVID may differ radically from what machine-learning models using historical data predict.

Where can you turn for the forecasts you need to cope with this uncertain future?

When big data lets you down …

turn to the Superforecasters. Their “eerily accurate” public forecasts about the global pandemic and its aftermath have shown that the Superforecasters’ unparalleled track record in US-government-sponsored forecasting competitions was no fluke.

Leverage early insights from our custom Superforecasts to act decisively while others are still pondering what will happen next. We deliver specific, accurate forecasts earlier than anyone else.

Preview our work

Our public dashboard shares Superforecasters’ latest probability estimates on some of the most pressing questions of the day, such as the timing of a COVID vaccine. Discover the kind of early warning that our Superforecasters could bring to your most pressing concerns.

How it works

Turn strategic uncertainty into manageable risk with Superforecasts on the biggest unknowns you face. Get actionable insights from Good Judgment’s Superforecasters as bespoke reports tailored to your concerns.

We also offer subscription Superforecasts

Our subscription Superforecasts provide affordable access to daily probability updates on the topics that are top-of-mind for business and government decision-makers around the world.

They’re grouped in topical packages such as Global Risks and Superforecasting the Fed. You can also create a custom package from the dozens of questions available for subscription.

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Stop guessing. Start Superforecasting.

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