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Good Judgment Inc teams up with ForgeFront to help future-proof UK government and public sector

We are delighted to announce that our strategic partner ForgeFront has been awarded a place on the UK Government’s Futures Procurement Network.

Good Judgment will support ForgeFront in preparing organizations for the opportunities and threats of tomorrow. The futures framework, which runs until June 2026, helps organizations access futures- and forecasting-related services and capability development. This means they don’t have to go through lengthy and costly procurement processes and can directly award projects to a list of approved suppliers.

Leading the framework is the Government Office for Science (GO-Science), headed by the Chief Scientific Adviser. GO-Science helps futureproof UK policy through its futures, foresight, and emerging technology function. It works closely with the UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

All UK Government departments, non-departmental public bodies, the NHS, and every local authority can use the framework. Included in the extensive list are also universities, schools, police forces, housing associations, charities, national parks, Citizens Advice, and the National Citizen Service. It takes a truly pan-UK approach too: government and public sector organizations in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can also benefit.

To download ForgeFront’s Futures Framework Prospectus, click here.

If you are a UK government entity interested in our services, contact us today.


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Good Judgment maintains a global network of nearly 200 elite Superforecaster professionals who collaborate to tackle clients’ forecasting questions with unparalleled accuracy, beating all head-to-head competitors.

The original Superforecasters emerged in a geopolitical forecasting competition funded by the US Intelligence Community. The competition found compelling evidence that some people are exceptionally skilled at assigning probabilities to uncertain future events. Good Judgment co-founder Philip Tetlock chronicled the Superforecasters’ performance and unique attributes in his New York Times bestseller, Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction.

Today, the commercial successor Good Judgment Inc is a forecasting consulting firm that provides public and private organizations early insights on real-world events.

While their credentials are diverse, Superforecasters are all open‐minded thinkers with a singular focus at Good Judgment: making accurate forecasts.

What Sets Superforecasters Apart from Other Forecasters?

Good Judgment uses collaborative forecasting methods that have been scientifically demonstrated to be effective, with forecasters who have been vetted for superior accuracy and whose ongoing performance is tracked and monitored.

While they represent differing areas of subject matter expertise, Superforecasters are recognized for their proficiency in the science of forecasting and their decades of collective experience assigning well-calibrated, accurate probabilities to complex outcomes.


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