Tap the wisdom of your crowd with Delphineo™

Make your team 10x more productive
with a single mobile-friendly tool that can:

  • Make meetings more decisive
  • Make problem-solving more inclusive
  • Make conferences more interactive

The Science Behind Delphineo

Delphineo combines a modified Delphi forecasting method with new techniques from our co-founder Phil Tetlock’s research on how to “make conversations smarter faster.”

Good Judgment has tested this hybrid approach with over 100 groups ranging from a handful to hundreds of people. In almost every instance, groups have achieved process gain − becoming more accurate individually and collectively − in a short time using this multi-purpose yet easy-to-use tool for crowdsourcing forecasts and brainstorming ideas.

How Delphineo Works

Delphineo is a web-based, mobile-friendly collaboration tool.

Participants post anonymous “gists” − short, tweet-like messages. Keeping comments crisp encourages each person to focus on what’s most important. Rapid feedback enhances the time-tested “estimate-talk-estimate” Delphi process.

Below, we outline how Delphineo works in forecasting mode; the steps are similar in brainstorming mode.


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