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The Power of Precision: Why Top Investors Choose Our Superforecasters

With increased geopolitical tensions influencing market dynamics, investors today face significant challenges in navigating the turbulent financial landscape. Despite extensive analysis by top hedge funds like Bridgewater, which has 400 specialists dedicated to predicting market impacts of geopolitical and other event risks, even they acknowledge a 40% error rate in their forecasts. At Good Judgment, our Superforecasters are not only equipped to navigate today’s complex global environment, but also to provide early signal, clarity, and actionable insights that can significantly enhance investment strategies.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Our Superforecasters are elite forecasters whose unparalleled track record in forecasting high-impact geopolitical events and economic shifts has been repeatedly proven for more than a decade. Their success is rooted in a methodology that consistently outperforms conventional market predictions. While even the top hedge funds face a significant error rate in their forecasts, our team has demonstrated superior accuracy, giving our clients a competitive edge.

Superforecasters were more accurate and less noisy than the futures in forecasting the Fed’s next move.
Data-Driven Decision Making

At the core of our forecasting excellence lies the Superforecasting process, a robust analytical framework that integrates daily updates to numerical probabilities with qualitative insights, red teaming, and openness to new information. This approach allows Good Judgment’s Superforecasters to discern patterns and implications that others might miss, turning complex data into clear, understandable forecasts. Our clients benefit from this data-driven decision making, which equips them with the knowledge to make more informed investment choices.

Customized Insights

Every investor’s needs and goals are unique. In addition to a generous offering of forecasts on crucial issues of the day, delivered via our forecasting monitoring tool FutureFirst™, our Superforecasters can provide tailored insights on questions that matter to your organization. Whether you’re managing a large portfolio or focusing on niche markets, Good Judgment provides you with the most relevant and strategic information, ensuring that every decision is supported by the highest quality of forecasting.

Early Signal

Geopolitical events can impact markets suddenly and severely. Our Superforecasters not only identify and quantify these risks but also provide an early signal of potential shifts. They can help enhance your approach to risk management to protect investments from sudden downturns and ensure long-term stability and growth.

Investors who choose to leverage the expertise of our Superforecasters are not just staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly uncertain world—they do so with confidence. To see how our Superforecasters can transform your investment approach, contact us today.



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