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Enhance the wisdom of your internal crowd

Maximize your forecasting team’s accuracy and potential by applying Superforecasting techniques in your organization.

More than just a platform – it’s a Staffcasting™ Program

Wish you had an entire team of Superforecasters in-house? Upgrade your internal forecasting capabilities with Good Judgment’s Staffcasting Program.

Other companies offer off-the-shelf forecasting platforms; Good Judgment provides the entire package. Our clients get the training, technology, and techniques they need to stop guessing and start Superforecasting.

How It Works

Good Judgment’s Staffcasting program includes three pillars: technology, training, and expert consulting. Pricing varies depending on length of engagement, number of forecasting questions asked, number of forecasters, and whether you need additional training or consultation beyond the core elements described below.

  • Technology

    Web-Based Forecasting Platform

    Good Judgment provides your team with access to a private, company-specific instance of our proprietary forecasting platform. This includes a regularly updated display of your aggregated crowd forecasts.

    Staffcasting Management Reports

    Real-time reports give managers data about user activity on the forecasting platform and provide key performance metrics.


  • Training

    Introductory Superforecasting Workshop

    Professional Superforecasters introduce your team to the Superforecasting techniques and best practices they’ll be practicing on your platform.

    Forecaster Feedback Reports

    Feedback reports for each forecaster provide tailored, individual feedback about strengths and areas for improvement.


  • Consulting & Facilitation

    Forecaster Management and Engagement Consulting

    We provide consulting as needed to manage your Staffcasting program effectively. We can advise on best practices for forecaster recruitment and selection, team organization, question selection and scheduling, communication strategies, and other forecaster engagement activities.

    Question Development and Implementation Consulting

    Experienced Good Judgment consultants support your team by refining your questions to yield the best forecasts. Our question consultants remain available to advise on forecaster clarification requests and other issues that may arise during the course of forecasting.

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Stop guessing. Start Superforecasting.

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