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Forecasting Aptitude Screening Tool

Efficiently evaluating the forecasting abilities of your team

Is forecasting important for your organization? Who on your staff would make a good forecaster? What characteristics do you need to look for in candidates? What traits align with accurate forecasting?

Research from the Good Judgment Project, refined in Good Judgment’s workshop training, has shown that there are common characteristics of a good forecaster. Good Judgment’s Forecasting Aptitude Screening Tool (FAST) provides a quick analytical performance assessment of these attributes that correlate with forecasting accuracy.

Forecasting Aptitude Screening Tool (FAST)

The FAST evaluates individuals in three areas of forecasting aptitude:

    • Pattern recognition
    • Actively open-minded thinking
    • Cognitive reflection

With this tool, organization leadership receives scores and feedback for individual participants, enabling them to understand the forecasting skills and capabilities of their staff, new hires, or other groups. Additionally, the outcomes can help Good Judgment target specific areas of skill development for private workshops or other subsequent training.

The FAST takes roughly 20 minutes to complete. The results can be delivered to you immediately. It is up to you whether to share the results with the test takers.

To discuss the FAST further and receive a quote for your organization, contact our sales team.


FAST in Practice

These organizations have utilized FAST as a key component of their forecasting practice—identifying candidates, understanding team strengths, and improving forecasting accuracy. FAST is adapted to meet the needs of the organization, and beyond this initial intent, these have asked us to adapt FAST to screen candidates for various positions. FAST provides a quick analytical performance assessment.

Sovereign Wealth Fund

This Sovereign Wealth Fund is a global long-term investor in a broad range of private and public asset classes and uses FAST to help screen potential job candidates—benchmarking against Good Judgment’s existing data.

Dubai Future Foundation

Dubai Future Experts Program, launched by the Dubai Future Foundation in partnership with The Executive Council of Dubai, trains government employees in the development of future-oriented projects that support the progress of Dubai and the UAE. They use the FAST as a comprehensive tool for program recruitment, which is then followed by intensive Superforecaster training from Good Judgment.

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