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Join us at one of Good Judgment’s interactive workshops to discover how the Good Judgment Project won a massive US-government-sponsored geopolitical forecasting tournament and generated forecasts that were 30% more accurate than those produced by intelligence-community analysts with access to classified information.

Upcoming Public Workshops

Good Judgment is pleased to announce that our popular public workshops have returned in an all-virtual format.

Our first 2021 workshop will be held over two days: Tuesday, February 9, and Wednesday, February 10, from 7-9:30 pm ET. We have scheduled this workshop for evening hours, Eastern Time, to provide a more convenient opportunity for those in Asia who are interested in a public workshop. As always, however, we welcome participants from around the globe.

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Contact us for our government and NGO rate. Private tailored workshops for your team, with material focused on your specific interests, are also available upon request.

Professional Superforecasters and Good Judgment researchers will lead workshop sessions on:

A Good Judgment workshop is also an opportunity to collaborate with others interested in taking their forecasting skills to the next level.

Custom Private Workshops

Good Judgment provides private Superforecasting Workshops designed to help organizations develop a structured process for forecasting, collaborate more effectively, and enhance their forecasting accuracy. Depending on your needs, these workshops range from two-hour lectures, half-day workshops, and full-day-equivalent workshops.

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Previous workshop clients include:


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