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A subscription to FutureFirst grants you access to a monitoring tool, which aggregates all of Good Judgment's probability forecasts, updates them daily and provides Superforecaster® commentary. Make better decisions with advanced insights into geopolitics, economics, and other cultural forces driving the news and business trends. FutureFirst subscribers can also request custom forecasts and pose specific questions to our professional Superforecasters®. 

T. Rowe Price features our forecasts to support their call for a rotation into value stocks, which have since led the market (November 2020)

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Good Judgment Superforecasters® have proven time and time again that they're the best in the business. An analysis of the Good Judgment Project forecasts by UC-Irvine decision scientist Mark Steyvers found that Superforecasters® anticipated events 400 days in advance as accurately as regular forecasters predicted the same events 150 days ahead.

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